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Best Startup Ideas to Try

The trend of setting up a business and making it big is growing bigger by the day. It’s not only the need for employment that makes motivated men and women try their luck at startup, it’s also the exciting journey of setting up a business and working hard to make it big is what makes a startup such an exciting idea. An important aspect of startups is their scalability. The business may be set up at a small level but it tends to solve and serve a basic need for which there is a big market. This means if the startup is successful, it can be scaled up.

Zeroing in on such a business idea can be difficult. There are so many motivated men and women out there to prove their worth through their startup that practically all great business ideas are already taken and people are working on it. So what business idea should start up with?

Here we have prepared a list of the 6 most viable and promising business ideas. With a little spin from your side, some of these ideas can work in your circumstances and markets. Let’s see which of them looks to be the most promising startup idea for you.


From a local political gathering to school and corporate functions, events are happening every day all over the city and beyond. Can you eke out your share of the business? Event management is not a technical or difficult area. With a little planning and exposure, you can start on your own. Start discussions with local businesses and institutions. Maybe you land a contract that you just needed to get off the block.


The idea of a startup is inherently linked to teaming up, working together, and partnerships. You need an entrepreneurial environment, thinking, and networking. A coworking space is exactly this, and more. There are large real estate companies running coworking spaces. But the market is still largely untapped. You can start with your coworking space offering small working and office spaces to budding entrepreneurs.


We all have become too busy to cook our foods or dine at a restaurant every day. A cooked food delivery business can be your next big-ticket startup idea. Can you find a lead and set your idea to motion? The startup is all about working on wild and impossible ideas. Why not think about being a Subway and Swiggy in one business entity? That could be your billion-dollar startup idea.


Travel and tourism are some of the largest industries around the world. There are new opportunities and dynamism in the sector. You can start up with an idea to cater to a niche market such as tour programs for the elderly, school kids, and destination or activity-specific. It will be easier to focus your energies if the market is well-defined and small.


Online shopping has become mainstream and e-commerce platforms are looking to replace physical stores faster than they can do so far. You, too, can jump the bandwagon and claim your share of the business. You can start up with a local grocery delivery business. You can work out the nitty-gritty of the plan and make it look attractive by adding some uncommon features. Your local folks just might take a fancy of your idea and catapult you to the big league.


People are increasingly turning to plant-based foods. Vegan is one of the leading food trends today, creating a separate food industry grossing billions of dollars in annual sales. There are many aspects of the vegan food business. From a vegan restaurant chain to a mass circulated vegan product, the ideas and scope for your vegan business are many. All you need to do is choose an idea and work hard on it.


Starting up with a new business is always a matter of uncertainty. The number of startups that fail is many times more than those that are successful. But if an idea becomes successful, it’s scalable and can be scaled up to amazing heights. Starting from scratch with a few hundred or thousand dollars as business capital, you can aim at a million or billion-dollar revenue in a short time. That’s the lure of the startup phenomenon. You must give it a try. And try you must no matter how many times you fail. Even success can shine more brightly over hundreds of failures. Let’s start up!!

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