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How to Build a Positive Freelancer Image

More and more professionals are seeing the advantages of flexible work setups. They are opting for smarter and more versatile options ranging from telecommuting to working in a flexible workspace Singapore. Freelancing,in particular,is a trend that has changed the career landscape of many professionals today. It gives people better work-life balance while they practice their craft and earn for themselves in a manner that is most convenient to them.

Freelancers,however,also face different challenges such as establishing a professional,credible image. How do you establish credibility as a freelancer? Here are some tips for you.

Set up a website

Build a professional website to establish your brand image. Website builders such as WordPress,Wix,and Squarespace are very easy to use and do not require any background in web development. Use your website to promote your service as a freelancer. Look at it as a comprehensive online form of your curriculum vitae. Emphasize your strengths and experiences and feature your past works if possible.

Build a portfolio

A portfolio is another tool that helps you build a positive and reputable image. New freelancers may not have a lot of works to feature,but a portfolio can include anything that supports your professional career. This may include your blog posts,YouTube tutorials,relevant social media posts,and recent projects you have done in school or volunteer work. The goal is to display your range of skills and talents.

Get testimonials and reviews

Ask your clients and colleagues to write testimonials for you. Testimonials do not have to be long; it can be as short as a sentence that genuinely testifies your expertise and professionalism. Positive reviews and testimonials serve as endorsements that can help build your reputation organically.

Freelancers face a lot of challenges in this highly competitive business world. But with passion and drive,you can successfully build a career as a freelance professional. Take these tips into consideration so you can start things right.

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